The Best Source of Traffic?

Jun 9, 2016 by

The Best Source of Traffic?

If I ask you what is the BEST source of traffic, what would you say?

Hopefully you’d say whatever source sends you targeted traffic.

You see, there is so much talk online about traffic. It’s a Buzzword in fact.

“Traffic traffic traffic blah blah traffic traffic…”

But any conversation about traffic needs to be tightly focused. There needs to be more discussion about the kinds of traffic available to businesses online and what are the best sources.

Traffic by itself is nothing great. No really. What’s the point of having 5,000 visitors come to your site every day if only one of those visitors converts?

The other 4,999 visitors were, if you’ll excuse my French, crap. That’s because they were not targeted visitors, but just general traffic that found its way to your website and, most likely, quickly clicked out.

This is why content marketing is so powerful in building your business.

Each piece of content you create and promote pre-screens your traffic for you so you’re not just getting random hits to your site, but actual prospects who are looking for something you can provide.

Do your business a favor and stop listening to all of the traffic hype. Traffic is useless unless it’s targeted.

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy in place already, it’s time you got one. Quit wasting your time and money and start marketing online the smart way.

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