Social Media vs Human Nature

Sep 24, 2015 by

Social Media vs Human Nature

I’m no expert, I’m just a lady with a few opinions, and one of those opinions is that we are getting lost in all the noise of social media. I’m not saying there’s no purpose for it. I’m actually all for making true connections with people, both in this outside physical world, and inside this little box.

But it seems to me a slow and steady frenzy has been developing over the last five years and it’s hard to hear above the din of it. And what is really mind-boggling at times, is that businesses are spending valuable dollars marketing to that din, instead of to actual people.

If David Ogilvy, the  famous advertising executive, were still alive, I think he’d show some of these young Social Media whipersnappers a thing or two about basic, old school marketing. Mr. Ogilvy was known for expanding the boundaries of both creativity and morality in advertising, and he knew in order to get your point across and make sales, you had to get to know your customers first and foremost.

Nowadays everyone is trying to get to know technology and new media and the people are being left behind. No matter what year we live in or what shiny new technology has been invented to help our lives be more comfortable and effective, we will all, always be first and foremost, human beings with full stories and lives and minds and emotions.

If you can tap into humanity, see what it is they actually need and present real solutions to their problems in a unique and creative way that makes your brand stand out, you will have true success, whether in 1938 or 2038. The technology and new media are here as a way and means to tap into humanity and get to know them.

Let’s not forget that.

Agree? Disagree? Feel I should have hyphenated the word whippersnapper?




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