Small Business Blogs Net Huge Gains

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Small Business Blogs Net Huge Gains

At times we need specific metrics when discussing businesses in order to better understand their budget ratios and growth rate potentials. Okay, I get it. But beyond that, it seems to me, a business is a business is a business, no matter the size, and they all have one extra large goal in common: reach more customers, form more relationships and make more sales. Period.

So why is it in today’s day and age of digital engagement, many “small” businesses STILL believe they don’t need a blog? I think it’s because some business leaders don’t fully realize what a blog really is and how it can really grow their online presence in a few different ways.

For a full overview of why every business should be blogging, read Mark Schaefer’s post called “Ten Reasons To Blog – Even If Nobody Reads It.”

If you’re in a hurry and need a quick version of why you, a small business, should most definitely be blogging like the rest of the world, I give you the following bullet points:

1.   You’re not the only small business who isn’t blogging yet. Get one started and you have a sure way to have an edge over your competition, as you will be perceived as an expert in your niche.

2.   A blog is a wonderful way to get ideas from potential customers. Why pay for professionals to come up with your marketing ideas when your customers most likely have the best ideas and they’ll tell you for free.

3.   Your blog posts keep marketing for you months, even years from the time you posted. Can you think of a better ROI?

4.   And the most important reason to blog is that search engines truly prefer websites that have a constant supply of fresh, relevant content. And they don’t even care if anyone is reading that content, they just want you to have some.

There are more reasons than what I’ve covered, and again, when you have the time, read Mark’s post. If, after reading it, you still don’t think your business needs a blog, I completely and utterly give up.

What are some other reasons I’ve left out that make blogging a no-brainer regardless of company size?


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