Pandas and Penguins and EMD, Oh My!

Nov 23, 2014 by

Pandas and Penguins and EMD, Oh My!

If you’re paying attention at all to the current SEO landscape, then you’re aware Google has unleashed yet another algorithm update, this one focusing on what they deem “low quality” Exact Match Domain names (think ‘ Or at least that’s what Google is saying. But many online business owners have been hit this week and some who own branded, authority sites.

So What Exactly is Going On?

There is much speculation among internet marketers and bloggers as to what Google is attempting to do with their three most recent updates: Panda – that targeted bad content, Penguin – that targeted over-optimization of inbound links, and now EMD targeting exact match domain names. Oh, and did I mention that another Panda update is rolling along side the recent EMD, and the double whammy is leaving many onliners shaking their heads.

Some of the speculation is that these three major (although EMD was only supposed to affect .6% of sites) updates have all been leading up to Google’s Paten update, which is a curious one. In this update Google essentially does whatever they feel to your site, rank it on page 1 one day and then it’s nowhere to be found the next and so on, merely to see how the site owner reacts. If blatant recovery efforts or sudden linking or unlinking occur, then Google takes that as a sign that spammy tactics were in fact used and punishes accordingly.

Is this a fair tactic? Ask 30 people you’ll get 30 answers on that one. Whether it’s fair or not is irrelevant as it’s happening.

So What Can You Do?

As with any update the key is to not panic, which is easier said than done, I admit. But in light of Google’s Patent update, it seems it’s essentially to carry on as usual, so as not to raise any red flags that aren’t there in the first place.

Always focus on quality and your audience first. Will doing this promise that you will never be negatively affected by one of Google’s updates? Sadly, no. But in light of the situation and the current online landscape, it seems to be the safest route to go. Not to mention that focusing on giving your readers and visitors quality content is just good business.

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