On Page SEO – The Short Version

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On Page SEO – The Short Version

On Page SEO – or on page Search Engine Optimization – refers to the effort put into an individual page or post in an attempt to make that page or post relevant in the eyes of the search engines. The payoff is a coveted position on page one of the search results.

Personally I think the phrase should be ‘on site’ SEO, as much needed attention should be placed on the structure or architecture of your entire site as well as the individual pages or posts.

Not only does thought need to be given to keyword choice and placement, but much thought needs to be given to internal link structure as well. Many businesses are still focusing on getting external links pointing to them, but if your own internal linking strategy is defunct, or your anchor text poorly thought out, all of your other SEO efforts will fall flat on their face.

And, are you writing content for people or web crawlers? You would be so surprised how easy it is to have an organically optimized post or page if you really sit down and write a well thought out piece, one in which you are knowledgeable about the subject and are actually trying to give value to your readers. Please stop counting or worrying about what percentage of keywords you have. Every time Google changes its algorithm, they do it for the same reason, to weed out the crap and leave the really great content. Just write really great content.

Another factor that is becoming more and more important in search ranking is site speed. Do a test on your site or blog to see how fast it loads. Very often, flash media will slow your site way down, so think long and hard if your awesome flash animations are really worth it if your site is so slow to load that no one who clicks on your site stays long enough to even view it.

Something developers are really starting to consider now, thanks to the Panda update, is how attractive their site is. Now to me, it’s just common frickacta sense to have a great looking site that is easy to navigate, but apparently a lot of people needed to be forced into giving a damn by Google.

So, on page SEO the short version will now conclude with a short conclusion – Create great content, try to help people, don’t look like a schlubb.

Is it just me, or isn’t a great deal of SEO  just common sense?


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