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Digital speak is getting shorter and shorter and I blame these blasted young kids with their LOL and LMFAO. Have you noticed that more and more online marketing and social media terminology has been boiled down to mere letters? I sometimes giggle when I write these posts because it seems so ludicrous to be writing SEO CMS SMS RSS SMM PHP CSS XML ETC…

And for individuals and businesses who are new online, all of the abbreviating can make their brain implore WTF?!

I was asked recently by someone at a restaurant what CMS stood for after I told her I worked online for a living. When this happens I have strong urges to just make stuff up. “CMS you say? Why CMS stands for Customer Molecular Situations.” Or, “Oh, (I roll my eyes in a manner that suggests I’m very above this explanation), CMS stands for Calibrated Magistrational Securities.” Yeah, that would make me sound real smart.

Instead, I copped to the fact that CMS simply stood for Content Management System.You know, were you writing on a legal pad, a 5 subject notebook or loose leaf  paper? She seemed fairly disappointed by my easily understood explanation and soon, bored by me, returned to her spinach salad.

Although what the letters stand for is a bit dull, the various CMS to choose from are not, and I always enjoy speaking with other web developers to see what they prefer. I myself am a WordPress gal. It’s the preferred choice for most bloggers and I for one think will remain the number one choice for years to come.

Why you might ask? Here are a few reasons:

  1. WordPress is super easy to set up and maintain. WordPress has become so popular that most hosting companies include an easy WP setup in their CPanel. You can be up and running within minutes. And if you can use Microsoft Word, then you most likely will be able to figure out the WP interface.
  2. Constantly new and useful Plugins. Normally I’m not the kind of person who goes along with the crowd, but in this case, if I’m using what everyone else is using, I’m more likely going to find great features available to me and my blog.
  3. Beautiful themes. See above as far as going with the crowd, but more and more people are using WP as their CMS, and that means more and more web designers are seeing a reason to create beautiful themes that can really set your blog apart from the crowd.
  4. Great SEO features ensure my posts are highly optimized.

These three reasons alone make WP my CMS of choice.

What about you. Which CMS do you prefer?


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