Intuitive SEO for Blogs

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Intuitive SEO for Blogs

The conversation about Search Engine Optimization continues among marketers and bloggers  with a focus on social media trends and their effect on ranking. While the theory or bottom line of SEO remains the same, that is, make your page or post highly relevant to the search query – or at least more relevant than your competition – how one goes about it has changed in the blogging world.

A static site is like a JC Penny’s catalogue. Your business needs one to show what products or services you offer, and those pages should be optimized with correct usage of keywords and an optimal internal linking structure.

SEO for blogs, however, is more about creating engaging content and giving your audience something to really connect with and want to link to than it is about feeding spiders for the sake of getting a higher spot on page one. In essence, Google is rewarding good behavior, and I for one am relieved to see this trend in SEO. Gone are the days of black hat tactics whereby links could be bought and keyword stuffing got you the most traffic.

Yes, keywords are still very important and a big part of on-page optimization even for blogs, but as far as a link-building strategy, think less, well,  strategy and more integrity. Help your audience, do right by them.

Here are a few SEO for blogs tips:

  • Engage your audience. Not only should you write quality content that you actually know something about, you should use this content to start a conversation with your audience. Don’t think of writing a post as writing, think of it as a chance to speak digitally to people, share ideas and hear what they have to say.
  • Have fun with your visitors. Remember when you were in school (maybe you still are) and you had certain teachers who droned on and on with zero emotion or inflection and you fought to stay awake in class? Then there were the cool teachers who brought in props and food to class and were actually excited about what they were teaching? Be a cool teacher. Use humor in your posts and have something interactive from time to time like a quiz or poll or a friendly competition. Use your imagination.
  • Viral = quality (and quantity of) links. But how do you create something that goes viral? It’s not just videos that go viral, blog posts have the same capacity to grab reader’s attention. That’s what you want. Write something, create something that is of great use to people and has to be shared.

If you start dictating your marketing choices with integrity as well as strategy, you will find success with ease.

What are some ways you’ve found to be effective in engaging your audience and getting them involved in your blog?


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