Common SEOnse?

Jan 23, 2015 by

Common SEOnse?

I recently read an astute observation over at the SEOmoz blog (not unusual) and I had to share it.

In a post titled “16 Insights into Google’s Rating Guidelines,” Dr. Pete Meyers explains he recently had the opportunity to read a 125-page leaked Google document outlining Google’s official guidelines for quality raters.

In the post he says:

“Advanced SEO, in my opinion, really comes down to understanding how Google thinks, and how they translate their values and objectives into code. You can lose a lot of time and money only making changes when you’ve lost ranking – really understanding the mind of Google is the best way to future-proof your SEO efforts.”

This is something I have essentially been saying for the past two years.

At some point we are all going to have to throw in the digital towel and realize, “Hey, you know what, I think Google really wants quality. They’re not just saying it you guys, I think they really mean it.”

It doesn’t surprise me that there are still those who practice black hat magic, peddling spammy, scummy content to the naive masses in an effort to make ‘bank’ selling crap affiliate products put out by other spammy, scummy marketers. I suppose there will always be some who would rather  try and beat Google’s algorithm instead of just running a legitimate business.

But I am constantly perplexed and exhausted when a client will ask me to keyword stuff content, or acquire links in a… questionable manner for them. These are businesses, run by “adults” who are still of the belief they can cheat and steal their way into a top position in the SERPS.

Listen – if you want to live in the 90’s – throw a Friends party every weekend, but don’t try and pull off the same lame marketing tactics people used to get away with.

Here’s the deal:

Google wants you to give a damn and run a legitimate business you believe in, one whose products and services offer real value to consumers. Is that really such a bad thing? Is Google really an evil ogre for wanting all of us to conduct ourselves like civilized human beings?

SEO is a legit endeavor. There are things a web owner can do to optimize their site’s pages, most notably ensuring a positive user experience, like making sure your page is relevant to the query, has proper navigation and a quick load time, not to mention engaging and unique content that informs and inspires.

In my opinion, SEO is a simple case of common SEOnse.

Your thoughts?


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