Business is Ducky

Nov 7, 2016 by

Business is Ducky

Is your business ducky? I don’t know who first coined that phrase … something is ducky … but I’ve always liked it, and this New Year’s resolution was to use the phrase more often. That and stop eating an entire bag of BBQ potato chips in one sitting. It’s just that BBQ potato chips are so darn ducky.

Halfway through a new year it’s time to look at how your content marketing strategies are working for your business so far.

How do you know if your content marketing strategies are working for you? By tracking your results. I am finding a lot of small online business are not using any kind of web analytic software to track their content marketing and this is a death wish. You can’t really know how well your content is working if you’re not paying attention to your results.

And speaking of results, are you sure the results you’re getting are the ones you want?  This may sound like a trick question, but unless you have real goals set before you begin creating your content, it is very possible that the content is not getting you your desired results.

Set real goals for your marketing strategies. Content is powerful in the right, knowledgeable hands. Know your business and where you want to take it.

Next, know your target market. Who are the people you want to connect with? Do you really know? Many smaller companies I work with have a hard time answering that question. They know they need traffic to their site, that’s about it.

If you own a pizza shop, it doesn’t make any sense getting people in your door who aren’t even looking for pizza, or aren’t hungry or can’t eat gluten. If 500 customers come into your little pizza joint and every single one of them is looking to buy a watch, you’re not selling many slices.

Know who it is that is really going to buy from you and tailor your content specifically to those people.

Also, know how your content should be delivered to this specific group of people. What makes more sense, connecting with your audience via ebooks, articles, white papers, reviews…

The more focused you are in the coming year, the more relevant your content will be for your marketing strategy, and the better your results will be.  Won’t that be ducky?


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