Backlink Building Ethics

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Backlink Building Ethics

Building backlinks is essential if you want to get your website or blog to rank in the search results. Many people will say the more backlinks the better, but that’s not necessarily true, as not all backlinks are created equal. And, not all ways in which to acquire backlinks are equal.

Gone are the days where you could just buy backlinks, or get into some kind of three-way backlinking scheme, where A site points to B site points to C site which points to A. To be sure, there will always be masterminds who come up with new software and techniques to get backlinks in an unethical manner. But, to be just as sure, Google and other search engines will also find ways of recognizing these links and punishing the website for them.

So, is it really worth it to spend your time and money building backlinks in an unethical way? If you said yes then I would wonder and ask what kind of business are you trying to build?

If you found an affiliate product on Clickbank and think you can make an easy $1,000 a day almost instantly as soon as you get thousands of  backlinks pointing to your awesome squeeze page that your cousin made for you, then by all means go for it, who am I to try and talk you out of being an idiot?

If, on the other hand, you’re trying to build a legitimate business through hard work and determination, then I would try and stop you from making the mistake of buying into any black hat / unethical SEO tactics that will only get your site banned.

Building backlinks ethically may take a bit longer, but it’s worth it in the long run as your business will be seen as trustworthy and legitimate. And really, isn’t that the point?

Here are some very simple and common sense ways to build quality backlinks to your site:


Create online content that will engage and educate your target market. Write articles and blog posts, newsletters and white papers that will actually help prospects make an informed decision about a product or service. Videos are another form of content that consumers find useful without being too pushy as a marketing ploy.

And all of this great content will have nice, juicy links pointing back to your site.


It’s no longer enough just to have an online presence, you need to be social in your marketing efforts. Comment on blogs and forums within your industry. Tweet and update your Facebook page often. And most important for your business – have your own business blog with which to start and maintain conversations within your own customer base.

Creating great content and being involved socially within your industry – these are backlink building best practices.

What do you think? Have you been down the black hat road and gotten burned? Isn’t White Hat SEO just common sense?


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