Welcome to Digital Speak, a blog devoted to exploring the digital conversations happening online, and how these conversations can be used to market a brand effectively, creatively, and with integrity.

Before becoming a web developer and content manager for small and medium-sized companies, Jenna Bruce was a writer for film and television sitcoms such as Mad about You, Dharma & Greg and The King of Queens. Before that, she was a corporate events writer and producer in New York City where she wrote copy for clients like Iron Mountain and Novo Nordisk.

And way before that she was a chubby kid who, for some reason still unbeknownst to her, wanted to be an advertising executive when she grew up. She imagines she was probably the only 11 year old who got as excited for the Clio awards as most people did for the Academy awards.

Art and commerce made sense to her at a young age and she liked the fact you could tell a whole story in a 30 second ad spot. She still does and works with clients to help them understand that in human nature, an emotional investment often leads to a financial investment. Whether it’s an article, blog post, newsletter or email campaign, if you can make your market feel something, you have a much better chance of making an actual connection, and eventually, a customer for life.