As a creative writer and producer for both television and the corporate world, I possess strong communication skills and an ability to exchange ideas with a diverse group of people.
Writing for sitcoms such as Mad About You, Dharma & Greg and The King of Queens taught me the value in leaving out the fluff and trusting your audience. If you can say something with fewer words – do. It’s a lesson I keep close.
My focus now is on web development and inventive marketing strategies. From producing fully-realized concepts to telling complete stories in a snippet of ad copy, I strive to create compelling and unique web content that emotionally connects with an audience.


Corporate Events Creative Writer                    2007 – 2009

Todd Street Productions – New York, NY

Main Clients:  Iron Mountain,  Novo Nordisk


  • Assisted clients in creating theme for annual corporate conference
  • Originated outlines for series of video shorts
  • Facilitated necessary changes based on client’s ever-changing needs
  • Wrote and edited copy for video series



Television Writer & Producer                              1999 – 2007

Los Angeles, CA       New York, NY

Mad About You,  Dharma & Greg,  King of Queens,  Hope & Faith


  • Led the creative team in brainstorming and story outlining sessions
  • Independently wrote scripts for new episodes
  • Revised other writer’s scripts for upcoming shoots
  • Acted as liaison between creative team and various department heads from set design, costumes and editing to make sure a common vision was timely executed
  • Assigned as point person to clients such as Touchstone, ABC, 20th Century Fox, Columbia TriStar, and Sony to make sure the creative team and studio executives had a clear dialogue at all times



Corporate Events Logistical Producer            1997 – 1999

Encore Productions – New York,  NY

Main Clients:  IBM, Netscape, Sun, Javasoft


  • Organized  creative materials for prospective client  proposals
  • Scheduled and booked all international travel for the entire logistical and creative team
  • Corresponded with international venue managers to facilitate production needs including setup, equipment rentals and catering
  • Facilitated the foreign exchange of team’s per diem money
  • Allocated petty cash and documented and reported production travel expenses at tour’s end


  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • WordPress
  • Basic HTML
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • File Transfer Protocal


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Copy, voice and editing by Jenna Bruce



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Ad Copy

Corporate Presentation


This is an excerpt from a film I wrote called “POP.” It’s a campy teen comedy set against a musical backdrop. Small town unpopular girl suddenly becomes the next American Pop singing sensation.

After reading this screenplay, Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, Academy award-winning producers of such films as American Beauty, Big Fish and Milk, told my agent I was a better and funnier writer than Tina Fey. Not bragging, just saying.


These next excerpts are from another film I wrote called “Walter Kupnik Dreams a New Dream.” A middle-aged, down-on-his-luck man learns to turn his life around with the help of his Imagination. Literally.

Walter 1

Walter 2

Walter 3




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