With over ten years experience writing for film and television (Mad About You, King of Queens, Dharma & Greg), as well as for some well-known national brands (Novo Nordisk, Iron Mountain),  I’m a professional and seasoned writer who knows how to deliver big results on time, every time.
My focus these days is on web development and inventive marketing strategies. From producing fully-realized concepts to telling complete stories in a snippet of ad copy, I strive to create compelling and unique web content that emotionally connects with an audience. If you can make someone feel something, you have a much better chance selling to them. This is something Madison Avenue has known for years and something I do really well.


My ideal client is someone who understands the value of well-researched and thoughtfully-crafted content, and the importance of clear and timely communication.


If you’re looking for a freelance writer who meets deadlines, makes herself available during the entire writing process,  develops creative, engaging, optimized content, and is fun and easy to work with, please be in touch.



Digital Speak is a blog devoted to exploring the digital conversations happening online, and how these conversations can be used to market a brand effectively, creatively, and with integrity.




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